Hello, my name is Khai and i'm the host of the Banana Sea Homestay. I'm from the Mekong Delta but fell in love with this beautiful place in the middle of Quy Nhon. I've been leaving here for 6 years and know a lot about the neighbour hood. Whenever you are keen for an adventure, i can tell you the best spots to go. One of my passion is cooking, please feel free to be a part of it. My home is your home, see you here!

Woof Woof- i'm Chico, the Banana Homestay Dog. I'm active at night and sleeping at the day time. Mostly you will find me with my two best dog friends Mimi & Rocky. My passion is the beach - i love digging wholes and playing with the sand. Don't be surprised if i join your beach walk. 

More family members...

Hello, my name is Luc and i live in the village Bai Xep. 


I'm an allrounder in the Banana Sea Homestay, taking care of the garden, doing maintenance and give a hand where ever it needs one. I'm happy to meet you and see you around. 


My special passion is snorkeling, i'm able to catch many good fishes at night. Ready for an adventure? Join me!