Once upon a time, there was a swiss backpacker traveling through Asia and met a young Vietnamese man in Bai Xep. What began as a love story in evolved into our life's dream...


Xin Chao! A friendly welcome from us, the happy founders and owners of Banana Sea Homestay. 


This isn't what we call work, this is sharing our life, happiness and passion with you. Staying with us you'll experience togetherness and we will welcome you as a family member.  


We love to share our family life with you and welcoming you in our home. Feel the magic of our small heartwarming place and become a part of the Banana Sea Homestay stories. 


Woof Woof- i'm Chico, the Banana Homestay Dog. I'm active at night and sleeping at the day time. Mostly you will find me with my two best dog friends Mimi & Rocky. My passion is the beach - i love digging wholes and playing with the sand. Don't be surprised if i join your beach walk. 

More family members...

Hi there! :-)


I'm Nguyet and very happy to meet you. I'm preparing every morning your tasty breakfast and serve you drinks. I'm learning English, i'm looking forward meeting you on our breakfast table.


My home town is 20km in the south, a beautiful area to explore. I can only recommend you to enjoy the nature beauty there. 

Hello, my name is Luc and i live in the village Bai Xep. 


I'm an allrounder in the Banana Sea Homestay, taking care of the garden, doing maintenance and give a hand where ever it needs one. I'm happy to meet you and see you around. 


My special passion is snorkeling, i'm able to catch many good fishes at night. Ready for an adventure? Join me! 

Xin Chao! 


We are two cleaning Ladys from Bai Xep who take care about the cleanliness in the Banana Sea Homestay. One of us cleans 3 times a day all the public toilets and showers and the other is responsible for all the facilities and the garden. If there is anything we can improve please let us know - we want you to feel comfortable and home.