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    Charlotte (Wednesday, 08 May 2019 09:13)

    Me and my boyfriend had a lovely time staying at Banana Homestay. The owners made us feel very welcome and having dinner with them in the evening was very nice. We would recommend this Homestay very much and would love to come back!

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    Ty Nesbitt (Friday, 15 February 2019 06:55)

    I couldnt have asked for a better experience!!!!
    Great guesthouse , super helpful and friendly staff and it is at the best beach I have found yet in Vietnam. I wish I could have stayed longer. There is so much to see and do around here . I would have never even known about most of it if it wasnt for my new friends at Banana!!!
    Love you guys
    Thanks for making my trip so awesome

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    Sam (Saturday, 01 December 2018 09:32)

    They really made me feel welcome and comfortable, like having friends in a far away place. I will definitely go back ! There was just not enough time to discover everything out there, it's not a very popular tourist destination so I was in aware of the things to do in the area, I would have planned to stay longer.

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    Huyin Long (Thursday, 29 November 2018 16:00)

    it was cool place. Family was really friendly. i did cooking with them everyday. such a chill Homestay. it is very close the beach. Beach was beautiful and not touristy.Khai and his wife will tell you more about local who life in Bai Xep fishing village. guide you to waterfall for swim and BBQ in there as well as. High recommend to everyone if you want to relax